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What Is A Under Cabinet Toaster Oven?

You have limited space in your kitchen or on the counter top. You like things cooked by oven. You do not have the budget or space to afford a regular oven, or you are just looking for a small supplementary for your traditional wall oven. We have a couple of recommendations here after a lot research for mini toaster ovens on the market.

So you might have googled “under cabinet toaster oven” or searched on Amazon. Literally, it is the toaster oven under cabinet, which is expected to be a spacemaker. But you probably haven’t got what you really want yet. Yes, finding the best under cabinet toaster oven and identifying which saves your space the most can be a challenge, so we’ve done this tough part for you. The comprehensive chart below won’t let you down. Check it out.

Advantage of a Under Cabinet Toaster Oven

Aside from just saving rooms, a lot of benefits come along with using an under cabinet toaster oven.

  • It’s cheaper. A space saver toaster oven does cost you a certain amount of money. For a good one, you’re looking at $50-$100-or up to $150 sometimes for a better model. However, it is much cheaper, even less than 10% of a regular oven in price.
  • It is a huge time saver. You don’t have to fire up your wall oven just for some snack foods or small servings. It even requires less-preheat time than other larger toaster ovens to accomplish the same tasks since the foods in a small interior are closer to the heating components than a large one.
  • You will pay less for electric bills. A mini toaster oven will save you from heating up the entire kitchen with the regular oven, which is really a terrible thing especially in summer. Some models applying special technology enable you to start cooking in no time, even skip the preheating process. Your electric bill will shrink a lot from less utilizing the wall oven and from the cooking bill in summer as well.
  • Did I mention it’s just saving space? Certainly, when someone walks in to your kitchen and sees your neat counter top with the stainless mini toaster oven, you’ll be definitely proud of the decision you made for this purchase.

How do I find the best under cabinet toaster oven saving most space for my kitchen?

When you’re shopping for a space saver toaster oven, a number of factors should be taken into account.

  • Dimension. First things first, it is the dimension that you care about due to limited space. The models recommended in this post do not exceed 16*14*10 inches (L*W*H). You’d better measure the exact space you left for the toaster oven under your cabinet. Keep in mind that a certain clearance might be required since it is the case that some of the models get hot on the top and/or side during cooking. Inner dimension, which is closely related to the capacity, also affects what you can cook with the toaster oven you are about to buy.
  • Efficiency. I bet you do not want a toaster oven that preheats as long as your wall oven. You are looking for the one performs most of the functions of a wall oven. It is reasonable that you ask for efficiency since that is one of the reasons the toaster oven is designed for. The shorter the preheating time is, the longer you can spare to enjoy your meals. We’ve picked up several models from the best for your option based on our research. Different technologies such as Element IQ, infrared, etc. are used to improve efficiency. At the end of the day, whatever technology it uses, all about efficiency. You will have a great choice after reading through.
  • Safety. First things first, never let your child get close to the toaster oven especially when it is working since the toaster oven might get hot on the top and/or sides even if it is not that hot. The safety of a toaster oven doesn’t affect its performance directly, but it does matter. There are some designs for safety applied to modern models, which keep the customers in mind. We do include these in this review and introduce some safety tips to help you overcome the limitation of designs.
  • Maintenance. The more frequently you use a toaster oven, the more often you have to clean it. What we are recommending here won’t bother you much after or during the cooking. So check it out!

Top 5 Under ​Cabinet Toaster Oven Reviews On The Market


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