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The site’s privacy policy below seeks to help our users understand how the user’s PPI or information used to personally identify website users is used online. The US privacy information and security laws define Personal Identifiable Information or PII as data that is used individually or with any other data to locate, identify, and contact an individual. Also, it helps recognize someone in certain contexts. Read it carefully and understand how our personal information is collected, used, and protected as per our website.

Even as we seek to improve your experience as you visit our website, app, or blog, we never gather any personal information.

When We Get Your Information

Whenever you register on this website or subscribe to any of our services, you are required to enter some of your personal information. Here is how a user’s information is collected on our website.

How We Utilize Your Information

Whenever one registers, purchases, takes part in a survey, as well as subscribes to our newsletter, we collect personal information. We use the data to:

Create a personalized experience which allows us to design tailor-made product offering and content that may interest you.

Helps improve our website enabling us to serve you better

• Helps offer better services to our users based on the customer services queries

It allows easy and quick administering of a promotion, contest, survey, and any other site features

How We Protect Our Site Visitors’ Information

We strive to protect our users’ personal identifiable information by undertaking the following measures:

• No vulnerability or PCI standard scanning for the safety of our users.

We offer information and articles that are helpful to our site visitors

We will NEVER request for the user’s card numbers

By conducting a regular malware scan

Do We Use Cookies On This Site?

Yes. Cookies exist.

Cookies are tiny text files not exceeding 4KB created by websites and stored in the user’s computer temporarily or permanently. They offer a way for the website to recognize the user and track all your preferences.

How We Use The Cookies

If you decide to shop from our site, the cookies remember the items purchased and process them in the shopping cart. Also, they help gather data about site interaction and traffic enabling us to offer a better experience to our esteemed site visitors in future.
We might also use third-parties to help track our users’ information on our behalf. However, we do not intrude on anyone’s privacy.

Opting-out Of The Cookie Option

You can set your computer to warn anytime it detects a cookie. Alternatively, you can switch off the cookies by changing your browser settings. Follow the Help Menu on your browser to identify the best way to amend the cookies settings.
What happens when you turn the cookies off? It disables some features that improve the efficiency and service delivery on our site. Nonetheless, one can place orders and browse our site.

Third-Party Disclosures Guidelines

We protect our users’ private information from third-parties. We never share, trade, sell, or transfer any personally identifiable info outside and unauthorized parties.

Links from Third-Parties

We may include third-parties, at our will, to offer services and products on our site. However, the third-parties have independent as well as privacy policies. Our team take no responsibility for the activities and contents linked to those sites. However, we always strive to protect our site’s integrity and we are free for any reaction regarding the third-party sites.


The Google Advertising Principles gives a summary of Google advertising guidelines. The requirements help create an optimistic experience for the users.
Our site uses the Google AdSense ads. Google is a third-party merchant that uses cookies on our website. Google’s DART cookie allows our users’ to get better ad serves based on their previous visits and searches on our site and the Internet.

How to Opt -Out

Users can opt out of the DART cookie by going to the Content Network privacy and Google Ad policy page.
Alternatively, you can use the opt-out page from the Network Advertising Initiative page or the add-on browser on Google Analytics page.

What Have We Have Put In Place:

Demographics and interest reporting

Google AdSense remarketing

Integration of the DoubleClick Platform

We, and our 3rd party sellers use first and 3rd-party cookies along with alternative third-party selected identifiers to collect data about our users’ interactions using ad impressions and related ad service elements as per their relation to this site.

Opting Out Options

Users can opt out and have preferences for Google advertisements by visiting the Google Ad Settings section. On the other hand, one can use the add-on in the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser

(CALOPPA) California Online Privacy Protection Act

The California Online Privacy Protection Act also known as CaLOPPA state laws dictate that online services and commercial websites to post the privacy policy. CaLOPPA laws govern online businesses and websites in the US and globally. Any individual or company that collects PPI from its users must state the information collected and with whom it's being shared.

Based on the CaLOPPA laws, we agree:

Users can access the site unanimously

After creating the privacy policy, add the link to the home page at the first noteworthy page after accessing the site.
• It should include the “Privacy” which should be easily found as specified above.

In the case of any alterations on our policy, users may change personal details by sending an email.

Handling Does Not Trace Signals

Our team respects the DNT signals or use ads with a DNT browser device available.

Do We Perform 3rd- Party Interactive Tracking?

No. It is not allowed.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act-COPPA

The COPPA offers guidelines when collecting personal data from children aged 13 and below. The laws give parents full control. The United States’ FTC clients’ protection agency is tasked with enforcing the COPPA regulations. It gives the guidelines online services and websites should carry out when protecting the safety and privacy of the children online.
We offer no specific services and products to anyone aged 13 and below.

Practices on Fair Information

These are the pillar of the US privacy laws which play a critical part in the information protection rules development. It is important to understand the laws and its implementation in compliance with the privacy rules that defend the collected personal information.

What Happens In The Case Of A Breach of Data?

We will issue a notice to the affected parties within seven working days via email.

We honor the Individual Redress Code that encourages individuals to lawfully pursue the related rights against processors and data collectors who break the rules. Also, individuals can seek the intervention of courts and related agencies to probe and prosecute those who do not comply.


The guidelines for dealing with commercial emails and establishing guidelines for commercial information in stated in this ACT. As our site visitors, the CAN-SPAM act gives you the freedom to stop receiving any emails from us and has hard-hitting penalties for any violations.

Our site collects a visitor’s email address from our site, we use it to send information, answer any queries, requests, and concerns.

Following the implementation and the rules governing the CAN-SPAM laws, we are obliged to:

We will not use any misleading or false email addresses and subjects

We seek to identify messages as an ad in the most reasonable manner

We should always include our site headquarters and physical address on our site

Third-party emails and marketing services monitoring to see if they are complaint

We honor requests to unsubscribe and opt-out from our users

Users can subscribe via the link at the bottom of each sent mail

Unsubscribing From Future Emails

Do you want to opt out of our future emails? Go ahead and email us at Alternatively, you can see the instructions at the end of each received email. We will quickly stop sending you any emails.

Contact Us

If you have any queries and concerns about this privacy policy, please reach us via the contact information below.