Why Having an Outdoor Kitchen Makes a Difference

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Imagine spending an entire day enjoying the outdoors, complete with a full meal without having to go back inside the house. Sounds impossible right? But it is possible with an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are getting more popular as people begin to appreciate the outdoors more, during summer and in places that are warm all year long, they can be used throughout. Outdoor kitchens help you to escape the heat and dullness of your indoor kitchens and makes cooking more lively and enjoyable. Apart from escaping the indoors, the right outdoor kitchen designs can do your property wonders. In addition, it can be the perfect home addition that your family has been waiting for. Here are some benefits and things you need to look for to help you choose your outdoor kitchen.

The outdoor kitchens mainly evolved from the barbecue grill, this is why you will find a grill in most of them. You can add a counter top for preparing foods, refrigerator, stove-tops, cupboards and sinks for a more complete look and convenience. You can add permanent seating according to the style of design and space at hand. You will also have to choose between an open and an enclosed design. 

Why you should have an outdoor kitchen Designs

It increases your homes resale value

A professional looking outdoor kitchen will stick on most home buyers and it will make your home stand out from the rest. Outdoor kitchens are considered as a luxury feature and they will have higher rates of return compared to other outdoor projects. In short, they will make your home more marketable. It is important to consider the amount of backyard space that you have as most buyers will prefer backyards that are not entirely used up by permanent structures, however, the more outstanding your outdoor kitchen is, the more it catches the eye of the buyer.

It increases your homes living space  

An outdoor kitchen will often double up as an entertainment space, dining and living area. This will increase the amount of usable space that your home has. It will also come in handy if you have more guests than your indoor space can accommodate. This will let you host large parties comfortably without the guests feeling stuffed. If you have space, you can also add a living area where guests can relax after a meal.

It saves you the trips in and out the house 

Most modern outdoor kitchens are complete with storage and refrigerators, unlike the traditional grill setting. You will have everything you need to prepare a proper meal next to you. This means that you will not have to go in and out the house to get food and drinks or even wash your hands after handling food. This will save you a lot of energy and you will have a lot of time to spend with your guests. 

It is perfect for easy and experimental cooking 

Outdoor kitchens are more flexible than indoor ones, they will provide you with more ways to explore more fun recipes. You can also use cooking techniques that are not very indoor friendly such as smoking and cooking over direct the fire, after all, the greasy mess, smoke and the odor will be left outside.

It is perfect for entertaining guests 

The added space in an outdoor kitchen means guests can also help in preparing foods, what is more entertaining than coming together to make a meal together while enjoying the beautiful weather outside. If you are hosting a party where there are children attending, there will be enough space for them to play while their parents are watching them and interacting. Outdoor hosting is more fun and there are a lot of exciting activities that can be done. Can you compare this to having everyone crammed indoors?

Saves you on energy bills 

Using your indoor kitchen in the summer heat will mean more heat inside the house. This will cause the air conditioner to work harder to cool down the house, this translates to more energy consumption while at the same time making your guests uncomfortable. This will all be solved by using the outdoor kitchen where there is free flow of air. This will save you money that you would have otherwise used to pay for the extra energy bills while at the same time making you comfortable.

It is easy to clean up 

Preparing food can be a bit messy in general, but it may not be as noticeable if it is outdoors. Indoor kitchens may not be the easiest places to clean in case of a spill, the story is not the same in the outdoors where you can even use your garden hose to spray the spill away. Unless there is anyone who would rather go through the stress of getting stains off the carpet.

Outdoor kitchens keep the smell outside 

Most foods have delicious smells when cooking, but not all foods. Even the delicious smells may be annoying if they linger around for days. When cooking foods such as fish, smells will tend to stay, so it will be a welcome relief if you can cook them outside where the smell will be away from your house.in most outdoor kitchen design aromas will also go away faster in the wind than when they are prepared indoors.

Outside cooking techniques are healthier and improve taste  

Cooking methods such as grilling are good for your health. The direct flame cooking allows fats to drip off leaving you with healthy and tastier food with fewer calories.
Having an outdoor kitchen will also leave you with more space to multitask and to avoid bumping items into each other. This increases your safety too. Outdoor kitchens are also very customization and you will place everything as you like, this will make it easier and more enjoyable for you to use.

What you need to consider while designing your outdoor kitchen

There are a lot of outdoor kitchen designs available, here are some of the most important things you should consider,


This both the geographical location of your home and the location of the kitchen in your home. Different places have different weather patterns which may influence the design of your kitchen. You want to protect your equipment from harsh weather conditions until the next time you use them. In areas that are warm throughout the year, people prefer to have permanent outdoor kitchens than people in places with long winters. The outdoor kitchen must also be well placed to maintain the value of your home.

How frequently will you use it 

People who regularly use their outdoor cooking kitchen may not need to move their equipment every time and they may settle for a more permanent setting. People in cold places need storage equipment during long winters.

Covered or open outdoor kitchen 

They both have their advantages. Having an open kitchen will save you money on labor and covering materials. This however, will expose your visitors and equipment to weather elements.


This is very important especially if you intend to use your outdoor kitchen even after nightfall. The kitchen must be well lit for the safety of you and your guests.

Appliances and features that you need 

An outdoor kitchen can be anything from just a grill to refrigerators, sinks and storage. You should decide the appliances that you must have according to your budget. It is also advisable to invest in durable appliances that will take time before replacing. You should also include enough storage that is if you don’t plan to keep going to the house to fetch items.
You should also ensure that the appliances you purchase are outdoor rated, as indoor appliances will wear out faster when exposed to weather elements.

The layout of the kitchen 

It is advisable to plan everything at the same time, the cooking area, entertainment area and the sitting areas. This makes sure that none of the areas eats into each other’s space. When planning the layout you should ensure that there is enough space between installed appliances for safety reasons. You should also ensure there is enough ventilation to avoid overheating of the appliances. The cooking area should also have less traffic for safety.

Energy and water supply 

This will depend on the appliances that you intend to use. For gas and electric appliances, you will need certified plumber/electrician to connect the outdoor kitchen to your home. You should also ensure that water is available in the kitchen.


This is very important to consider to avoid you or your guests being hurt. You should ensure that the appliances you choose have built-in safety features. This reduces the risk of uncontrollable combustion or gas build up. You should also consider heat insulated appliances. Use non-combustible materials, also don’t forget to include extinguishers.

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Buying or building an outdoor kitchen should not be a complicated task, make sure you see the end goal in your plans. When well done, it will provide a perfect outdoor escape that you can use to entertain your family and guests comfortably.

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