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The holiday season is a time when friends and family meet and celebrate together. It is also a time where people give and receive gifts. However, the biggest challenge comes in when you have to wrap the gifts in a way that will please the receiver. It is even a bigger challenge to wrap the gifts if you do not have wrapping papers in the first place. Here, we provide you with ten creative ways that you can use to wrap your gifts without necessarily having to use a wrapping paper. Here are some ways that you can get creative in your gift-wrapping escapade:

Use of fabric for wrapping gift

Use of fabric:

Sometimes you do not need the fanciest of wrapping papers for your gift to appeal to your recipient. If anything, for some gifts, you can use simple fabrics to wrap them and the gifts will still look as great. However, you should be careful to ensure that the fabric swatches fit your gift perfectly for them to bring the desired effects.



Embrace the use of yarn patternsEmbrace the use of yarn patterns for wrapping gift

This works best in situations where you have to wrap a gift using the shortest time possible. In addition, yarns are beautiful to look at and they make your gifts more presentable. While wrapping your gifts, simplicity is also a factor to consider and this method offers exactly that.



Create lines across the gifts for wrapping


Create lines across the gifts

Using a duct tape of your desired color, you can wrap your gifts in an amazing way that will leave the recipient with goose bumps. Today, it is possible that you can find duct tape of different colors that will match with your gifts or the event at hand. Use the duct tape to make lines across your gift and you can mix the colors to suit your desires.


Use scrap paperUse scrap paper for wrapping gift

If you like arts and crafts, scrap papers give you an option when it comes to gift-wrapping. All you need to do is assemble the scrap papers in your shop and use the various tutorials available online to wrap your gifts. There is no better way to use the scrap papers rather than leave them to accumulate dust.


Consider using a word search

This is one method that you can use to wrap your gifts especially if you want to pass a special message to that special someone. Here, you should print a customized word search then use a pen or a marker to highlight the word or phrase that you want your recipient to receive. This will make the gift recipient to feel special and appreciated.



Chalkboard paper is another option for you

Chalkboard paper is another option for wrapping gift

Another way of getting that special message to your special one through your gifts is by getting creative and customizing a printable chalkboard paper to wrap your gifts. Chalkboard paper also allows you to create your desired designs and decorations.




Glitter Boxes are also worth your consideration for wrapping giftGlitter Boxes are also worth your consideration

Great gifts come in glittering wrappers and that is exactly what glitter boxes have to offer. During this festive season, let your gifts sparkle and portray your joyful nature. All you need is a bit of sticking glue and glitter. Most of the tutorials on how to go about this are available online so you can check them out and attempt your own DIY gift wrapping.



You can also make and use no-sew fabric bags

Fabric bags are not only a cool way of wrapping your gifts but are also environmentally friendly. Moreover, you can make these no-sew bags on your own so they are cost effective. If you wrap your gifts in a self-made fabric bag, the gift’s recipient will see that you actually put in more effort in wrapping the gift and will feel appreciated.




Use potatoes chips bag

Chips bags are also an option when it comes to wrapping of gifts. Most people overlook this method but it is actually very effective. All you need to do is keep the bags each time you have a meal of chips and look at the various tutorials on how to turn the bags into gift wrappers.





Crayons creativity

Crayons can have multiple uses with one amongst them being wrapping of gifts. They provide one of the best options when it comes to that. All you need to do is melt the crayons and combine them with some paper bags to create a wonderful gift wrapper. If you find this challenging, you can look for the various DIY procedures available online. Need to know more about no wrapping paper no problem

How to make gift bags from wrapping paper!

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