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For over ten years, I have dedicated my life to sharing tips on how to install gas ranges and most of their parts. Throughout this time, I have encountered various challenges giving me the experience I need to address newer challenges. Some of the questions that I mostly receive from my readers include how to install a slide in a gas range, how to install a gas line for a range gas and other similar questions. In this article, I will answer all the basic questions about how to install a gas range hoping that it will be useful to you.

Installing a Samsung slide in gas range

How do I install a gas range? More specifically, how do I install a slide in gas range? I receive this question frequently so I will give you my recommendations here. Before that however, it is important to identify and adhere to all the safety precautions for installing a gas range before beginning the process. Some of these safety features including ensuring that there are no leaks and secure the connections tightly. After that, follow the steps below for a successful Samsung slide in gas range installation:

Prepare the area for gas range installation

Preparation of the how to install a gas range includes creating enough space that will carter for the size of the gas range you intend to install. You should also have a quality gas line and a 110-volt outlet. I recommend that you get these connectors from appropriate and licensed electricians for quality purposes.

Apart from the above requirements, you also need to ground an electrical outlet. Here, you will need to use a ground tester to ensure that the ground meets the set standards for gas range installation. To figure this out, simply plug the tester in to the outlet and a light will appear indicating that the grounding process is complete.

As still part of preparation, you will need to hook a flexible gas hose to the end of the valve. I recommend that you put Type T2 pipe hose at the region covering male areas just to ensure that there are no leaks so far in the process. After that, tighten the connections securely using two wrenches.

Continue to install the gas range

After preparation, it is now time for the actual installation. You need to be very careful here not to scratch the floor with an appliance dooly while moving the range. Move the range such that it nears the Samsung gas range flex connector (put in place in step one above). This ensures that the connector does not overstretch when you connect the two. I also advise that you put enough amounts of Type T2 pipe at the joints and secure them tightly. At the end where the range connects with the flex cable, put some soapy water for testing if the joints are leaking. If you open the gas valves and notice some bubbles, you need to re tighten the joints tightly using the ranges.

Finish up the installation process

After testing and ensuring that there are no leaks, it is time to finish your gas range installation by plugging in the power code and inserting the range into its space. While at it, ensure that the anti-tip bracket stays in line and check to confirm if the flex hose is still in place good condition. Tighten the burners carefully and ensure that they are lighting properly before clearing your area of installation.

Installing a gas range vent hood

After installing your gas range, you will also need a gas range hood in place. How do you install a gas range hood? Here are some steps to follow:


In preparation to install a range vent hood, you will need to remove the old one if there was one in place. Look out for any electrical installations and disconnect them as well. Start rewiring the place again making sure that the wires protrudes at least 12 inches from the wall. Your new vent will occupy between 20 and 30 inches above the surface. On the other end, the range will cover the whole of your cooking area. While at it, I prefer that you leave about a 3-inch overhang on all the sides of the vent range hood.

Install the vent range hood

At this stage, you will require someone’s help to mount the range hood. You also need to make keyhole-shape holes in the hood and screw some screws halfway through the underside of the cabinet. Carefully lift your hood, slip it onto the screws, but do not tighten them. I recommend that you pick the right screws for your hood model for maximum effectiveness. Also, depending on your situation, you can add some small woods to provide more steadiness. Align the hood with the duct line and proceed to complete the wiring bit.

You will also need someone’s help to wire your hood. With your wire connectors in place, use them to connect your black wires with the ones protruding from the back of the wall. The trick about this step is to match the wires and connect them according to their respective colors. Screw the screws tightly and turn on power. Confirm that the air flows through your vent freely and complete your installation process.

Installing a gas line for a range

Samsung gas ranges have gas lines that are simpler to install. To answer the question of how to install a gas line range, I will give instructions relevant to the newer gas lines available in the market today for example one that Samsung gas ranges have. Follow the steps below for professional like results:

Flaring of the “soft” copper gas line

Samsung gas ranges have “soft” copper gas lines. Once you have one in place, flare its end using a flaring tool. Proceed to install cone-shaped flare fittings that are about 3/8 and 5/8 inches. After that, match the fittings with the soft copper that you want to connect.

Cut your copper

Cut the copper gas line depending on your distance, flare its end and connect with the flare fittings. Use a pipe thread compound to make the connections tighter. Fit your new gas line and test to see if it is working. Look out for possible leakages before completing your installation process.

What is the cost of installing a gas range?

With my experience, I can say that the cost of installing a gas range depends on several factors. For instance, it depends with whether you are installing the gas range alone or you will be hiring a professional. If you install the gas range alone, you will only incur the cost of the materials. If you choose to hire a professional plumber, you will have to carter for his labor services amongst other additional costs.


The question of how to install a gas range is one that I mostly encounter. While this process depends on several factors including the model of your gas range, it is not as hard as you may think. Installing a Samsung gas range specifically does not require many things. All you need to do is follow the steps above and you will be successful without the need to hire a professional. I hope that the article has been useful to you and hope to hear your views as well.

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