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​It is sure that most of the range hoods come with flat and circular light bulbs underneath the hood which help to light the cooking area and make the cooking experience greater. However, these range hood light bulbs may burn out over time and replacement is necessary. Safety is very important when it comes to replacing a light Halogen Bulb for a Range Hood. The first thing to keep in mind is to always turn off power and allow the lights to cool before proceeding.

In this article, we are pleased to introduce to you some replacement instructions for the types of bulbs used in range hoods.

Halogen Bulbs and LED Lights – Which type to buy for Range Hood?

Although most all of the range hoods work well with the halogen light bulbs, it is totally possible to replace these bulbs with the modern LED lights. Both are not only cool, but also can be used for a long time. Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose the one that fits your range hood best.

First, let’s talk about the halogen bulbs. These lamps do the awesome jobs on offering the brighter light on the specific spot where you cook the meals. That’s why they are called energy efficiency. Just switching on the light, and it glows up well in your range hood. What we like best is that the bulbs are also dimmable. Hence, if your range hood has a dimmer, there is no denying the fact that halogen bulbs will become the best choice.

How about the LED lights? Their name become popular since they have a long life (28-30 times longer), as well as saving energy. Their outstanding feature is coolness, which becomes easy to touch. That means there is no need to worry about your kid accidentally touching the LED bulb on the range hood and then burning himself/herself while you are cooking for your family in the kitchen.

How to replace a halogen bulb for range hood?

The following steps will let you know how to do this replacement. Please be aware that if your range hood uses a halogen bulb that is not totally protected with the housing and lens, then replace it with high care.

1.    Firstly, make sure to turn off the vent and quickly disconnect power. This is very important to protect both you and the vent hood.

2.    Wear gloves or use a cloth when removing the bulb that is still operating so that you will not burn yourself.

3.    Prepare the bulb that has the same type and size with the one you’re removing. Buy it online or from the nearby hardware store.

4.    Gently insert this new lamp into the socket. While installing, DO NOT touch it with your bare hands. In fact, oil from your skin can cause failure of the bulb. Like when you remove the old bulb, it is best to wear clean gloves or use a clean cloth when inserting the new one.

Expert advice on halogen bulb replacement for range hood :

Halogen bulbs often come in a variety of types, sizes, and attachment methods. Hence, it is highly recommended to replace your light with the one that has the same voltage and wattage. All of the range hoods with halogen lamps have a label near the lamp which tells you this information. That’s why it is best NOT TO EXCEED the maximum wattage. Ignoring this warning can result in bulb or even fuse failures.

If this is your first time to remove the bulbs, please do this with high caution so that you will not damage the lamp socket. For the bulbs having 2 pins that plug into the socket, you should remove them by pulling straight out or pulling straight down. For those having pins with a cylindrical base, it is recommended to remove them by turning 1/4 turn and pulling straight down.

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