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Under cabinet range hoods are used in kitchens where keeping the atmosphere clean, smoke free and add elegance to your house decor. Without an under cabinet range hood, your kitchen will be stuffed out by food odors, smoke, and it will make the environment in the kitchen less conducive.

Nowadays, a kitchen hood is important in the kitchen for many reasons. It’s keeping the kitchen clean and removing air pollution resulting from the cooking for your kitchen. Besides, the under cabinet range hood is a stylish addition to your house and any kitchen setting.

The range hood will move all that unhealthy smoke or unpleasant odors sticking around stuff out of the room while you’re cooking. Therefore, leaving you with a fresh smelling all the time in your kitchen.

In the market, there are many innovative under-cabinet range hood models. You should consider of technical details, function and feature that you can choose one that best fits your kitchen needs.

Therefore, the importance of an under-cabinet range hood can’t be ignored. Our team of professionals have been simplified the range hood of option and given you the top 10 best under cabinet range hood models in the market in 2023 at

best under cabinet range hood in amazon

Ducted or ductless range hood: If your kitchen is air-conditioned you should choose the ductless. It is easy to install without requiring professional help. Besides, the ducted range hood is so far more effective than the ductless range hood but it’s difficult to install under cabinet of your kitchen.

Type of filter used: The charcoal or the aluminum mesh filters, they are two types of filter in range hood in general and the most commonly used. The aluminum filters can remove the grease and pollutants environment effectively, and this filter is last quite long. Besides, the charcoal filters can be eliminated all the particles from the air effectively more but they aren’t reusable.

Size of range hood: It depends on the size of cooking oven in your kitchen. It can remove all the smoke and odor before spreading all over your kitchen. So, you make sure they fit well in the space available under the cabinet.

Air flow: It’s the most important part of under cabinet range hood, which odor, smoke and airborne grease are removed from your kitchen. The range hoods with vents require high power to move air further outside. So, you must calculate the CFM (cubic feet per minute) according to the number of burner stove that you are using.

Fan speed: Most of these range hoods come with different fan speed to match your cooking.

Sound level: Some manufacturers are providing range hoods at a decent noise levels even at installed in the highest position on the ceiling. If you do not want to be disturbed by the annoying noise, you should be thinking about it.

Controls and lighting: The cook-top lighting is very necessary that is sufficient to light up your kitchen perfectly. It can be incandescent or halogen light depending on the type you choose. Besides, the electric light can be remotely controlled or touch bottom.

Design and cook-top elevation: The under cabinet range hood are many of brands on the market that it can be a set up to your kitchen interior décor. The range hood requires different elevation from your kitchen. So, you should be careful to choose the kitchen hood fit under the cabinet.

Maintenance and cleaning: Make sure that the filter is easy removing out from the range hood, cleaning and easy to maintenance by manufacture.



​#1. COSMO Under Cabinet Range Hood 30 Inch​ Stainless Steel With Touch Panel Control:

The under cabinet range hood will help to ventilate air in the kitchen, remove smoke and food odors from your stove easily. It has a compact size suitable for restricted kitchen spaces a durable stainless steel construction.

The COSMO under cabinet range hood is outfitted with quiet fans, a black modern touch panel and two front mounted LED lights for added brilliantly illuminate the stove area when you are cooking. What’s more is that it features a power with 380 CFM of airflow available at your range hood with all settings for your kitchen. Besides, it has three stainless steel baffle filters are included to remove the grease and pollutants environment out of your kitchen.

In addition, the COSMO range hood is designed with rounded corners to ensure you are not impacted to increase safety. At the same time, it also helps you to control the device on/off remote quickly and conveniently anywhere.

The COSMO under cabinet range hood is becoming top trends with simple design, modern, clean and equally luxurious.

More reasons why it is a good buy:

  • 380 CFM air discharge rate;
  • It has 4-speed fan for added versatility;
  • Touch control panel for convenience;
  • Comes with 2-watt high intensity LED lights for improved illumination and modern;
  • It is made of premium 430 grade stainless steel and 20-Gauge thickness;
  • Three stainless steel baffle filters are dishwasher friendly;
  • Comes with a three-year limited parts warranty.

#2. Empava Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood 30 Inch

As the best under cabinet range hood in the industry that is extreme power and quietness. It’s can pack up to 500 CFM airflow with two centrifugal motors making it complete in handling heavy smoke, odor or remove the grease out of your kitchen. They’re also made of stainless-steel that you do not need to worry about rust, corrosion or fading.

With Empava 30 inches under cabinet range hood has a simple, unique designed, a space-saving that suitable for small space applications. It has a powerful motor making it perfect in handling a smoke, stuffed out, grease or food-smelling away from the kitchen. Constructed with 18-Gauge stainless steel for exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust. The permanent reusable baffle filter can be cleaned in dishwasher and easy maintenance. Besides, it has handcrafted brushed satin finish to prevent dents and scratches.

with Push Button Control, Dual Sealed Aluminum Motor, Permanent Filters LED Lights in Stainless Steel

Additionally, it has the 3-speeds fan mechanical push button, dual sealed aluminum motor help to operate easily and effectively. The energy-efficient with 2.0-Watt LED lights in stainless steel that mounted directly below. The range hoods are long lasting and provide high lumen lighting for better visibility at night. With seamless radius corner construction made it the classiness and unique in your kitchen.

The best under cabinet range hood will be able to give fresh air, powerful capacity, quick operation and install easily.

Empava 30" Under Cabinet Range Hood

More reasons why it is a good buy:

  • It comes in a compact design and space-saving;
  • It’s delivery high-performance, powerful and operates quietly;
  • The permanent filters have an arc flow design, easy to remove and dishwasher safely;
  • The durable stainless-steel and seamless radius corner construction;
  • High intensity LED lights for improved illumination;
  • Comes with motors has warrantied for lifetime.

#3. KOBE RAX – Brillia 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood:

With its average price, the KOBE RAX2130SQB-1 Brillia under cabinet range hood is perfect for a budget saving that you might be expecting from it. Come with a seamless satin and durable grade stainless-steel that make of blend perfectly for any your kitchen and home décor.

With a powerful 750 CFM double squirrel cage blower help to air purification and quickly clearing your kitchen away from out air pollution. It also can handle an odor, smoke, grease away from your kitchen perfectly.

Additionally, it is equipped with a 3-speed settings and 3 push buttons with a quiet, low, and high mode to make your kitchen feel calm. Furthermore, LED light bulb is very efficient and the warm glow with capacity of conventional lighting made its price extremely low.

The KOBE under cabinet range hood be worthy of a product for investment with especially for your budget.


KOBE RAX2130SQB-1 Brillia 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

More reasons why it is a good buy:

  • It comes with features the comforting and QuietMode technology that allows under cabinet range hood to operate efficiently with a significantly low sound level;
  • With mechanical 3 speed push buttons made the air purification give your kitchen, fresh air and environment safety;
  • Stainless-steel baffle filters can help to clean your under-cabinet range hood that they are effective in capturing grease and oil quickly and effectively process;
  • It also comes with 2 brightly lit bulbs that offers enough glowing for your kitchen.

#4. Comfee 30 inch Under Cabinet Ducted or Ductless Convertible Slim Vent:

The Comfee under cabinet range hood 30 inches innovative technology to remove grease, smoke, odor and keeps the internal fan blade cleaning. It has removable the five layer aluminum filter and dishwasher safe. The auto clean under cabinet range hood is very strong operation, which it has steam functions to clean and remove all grease and keeps the internal fan blades clean.

The fan operates at 800 CFM with three a way venting helps to enhance maximum airflow makes it one of the most effective for clearing, preventing accumulation of grease and removing smoke, dust or food-smelling kitchen. The range hood using the 3-speed settings to control the noise and suction power level.

It has as low as 65 dB in noise level with signature WhisPower aerodynamic technologies which can covering a 4-6 burner cooktop with ease. Besides, it will automatically detect harmful organic gasses or noxious fumes and vent them out of the side. It has also the energy-efficient innovative dual-level LED lighting that mounted directly below. The range hoods are long lasting and provide high lumen lighting for better visibility at night.

It comes with clean lines, unique design, modern, a digital touch panel and a sparkle stainless-steel bring modern style to any kitchen. And also, it’s built of slim stainless-steel material with a unique superior perimeter aspiration extraction design.

It is designed with settings for chefs in progress of cooking. Which makes it one of the best under cabinet range hoods for your kitchen that is its improved features help to provide efficient cooking.

More reasons why it is a good buy:

  • Digital touch panel for convenience;
  • Comes with dual-level LED lighting energy saving;
  • It has 3-speed fan for added versatility;
  • 800 CFM air discharge rate delivers high-performance;
  • The five layer aluminum filter are dishwasher friendly and install easily;
  • Comes with automatic steam cleaning function.

#5. FOTILE JQG7522 30″ Unique Side-Draft Design for Under Cabinet Range Hood:

The design of this FOTILE JQG7522 under cabinet range hood is very unique and modern design. It has a black cover with polished edges, a touch screen panel and the screen will be locked automatically after two seconds prevent to steam enters. When you turn on it opens up, the fan operates in the exhaust quickly and effectively.

With 3 speed settings and mechanical buttons, it is suitable for all kinds of cooking style. It also has a memory function, which will keep your preference for air volume. Additionally, this FOTILE unique side-draft design has 90° always open baffle plate that helps reduce the spread of cooking fumes or odors and quickly filters up to 6 ft² of space for improved airflow in the kitchen. And one touch, it will reach 380 Pa velocity with 58dB noise level that the vent hood efficiently 92% separation of grease and fumes from your kitchen by special impeller design.

This under cabinet range hood is equipped with an oil filter folding and removable for easy cleaning. And also, it’s an oversized cup that a large available space so it doesn’t need to frequent cleaning. This is also able to give your kitchen fresh-air without making noise level about 54dB/2.64sones

It offers a quality centrifugal fan system to absorb the odors and fumes of cooking faster than a standard kitchen hood, and it even operates quietly so you can listen to what’s happening around you easily as well.

It has a 30 inches odor inlet, a centrifugal fan system to absorb the odors, smoke of cooking and preventing accumulation of grease. Besides, it offers a brightness of up to 500 lux covering with covers six square feet while you’re cooking and the residual odors or smoke can be absorbed efficiently within 2-minutes after you turn off the range hood.


FOTILE JQG7522 30" Unique Side-Draft Design for Under Cabinet Range HoodMore reasons why it is a good buy:

  • It comes with an oil cup and folding oil filter;
  • Matching with different kitchen style both in wall mount, chimney or under-cabinet;
  • When turned on, it opens a 90° automatically fume baffle plate and uses two functions that control ventilation;
  • It can cover 4 or 5 burners within 6 square feet when you open up baffle plate;
  • It operates noise level about 54 decibels that assuring you of a quiet kitchen;
  • Comes with a five-year limited parts warranty.

#6. BROAN-NUTONE 30” Under cabinet Range Hood with 2-Speed Exhaust Fan and Light:

The Broan-Nutone 423004 range hood is high popularity in the market of fresh air system that is integrated with modern technologies and great features. It’s an amazing kitchen under cabinet range hood that provide one level of lighting and a rocker fan moving the air around. It’s also effectively cleans grease, cooking odors, fumes take outside the air with its 190 CFM air discharge rate.

It comes with a 7-inch round vertical duct design that helps to remove smoke, cooking smells, grease and airborne particulate. Besides, this range hood is combine of charcoal filter and grease filter for clean a re-circulation of the kitchen exhaust quickly and effectively.

A protective lamp lens is beneficial in distributing light evenly the cook-top up to 75W. The fan capacity is powerful, that help to absorb the steam, odors and steam properly with control switches for the light and fan speed activation optimal.

The wall mounting or under of the cabinet setting process of this range hood is very simple and easy to maintenance. So, the aluminum baffle filter can clean is very easy in dishwasher safely.

The design of this range hood is very unique stainless-steel design and fits into any kitchen that installed easily. So, the Broan’s range hood is one of the most trusted brands in the market. The design is classy and offers an elegant outlook for your kitchen.

More reasons why it is a good buy:

  • It is can also change the fan speed up to three levels;
  • Even with having quality performance and durability, which the costs of it is also very reasonable;
  • It’s also small size at 30” x 17” and fit into your kitchen cabinet;
  • The stainless-steel range hood construction is rustproof and durable;
  • It comes with high performance of the Microtek technology of the Broan’s brand to filter airborne contaminants.

#7. KOBE CHX91 Series Under Cabinet Range Hood:

The KOBE CHX91 series under cabinet range hood is one of powerful operation range machine and ultra-quiet in the market. It has can be vented out the back or top by removing the rear baffle. The baffle filters let the range hood adsorb more air and the latest filtering system that will remove the odor and toxic creating gas from the kitchen quickly and effectively. Also, it has stainless-steel baffle filters that give you with fresh air when cooking. Besides, they have can dishwasher safe for range hood assuring you that is easy to maintain and clean it.

The range hood is one of the hood systems able to discharge 650 CFM air when operate powerful at the extreme speed. Comes with a 3-speed dual blower and blue-lighted soft touch electronic buttons with 3W energy saving bright LED lights allows you to choose the best speed range hood and the super silent motor.

With a feature is super slender contour, it saves on space and elegant that making it one of the slimmest units available while the atmosphere always clean. It measures compact 30 inches vent and is suitable for use to wall mount or under most cabinets with a rectangle vent 6” high and 1mm thick under cabinet or wall mounted with high quality 1 mm thick stainless steel.

The KOBE rectangle is the one range hood that offers versatility and actually one of the quietest range hoods that you get friendly budget. The under-cabinet range hood is one of slimmest that help to save up your space and fits into any compact kitchen areas that you want.

KOBE CHX9130SQB-1 CHX91 Series Under Cabinet Range HoodMore reasons why it is a good buy:

  • Has a stainless-steel baffle filters;
  • It is able to discharge 650 CFM air pretty fast;
  • With 3W LED lights that are energy-saving and bright enough to light illuminated of around stoves;
  • Uses 3-fans operated with separate engines;
  • It comes with a slim design, but capacity powerful;
  • Comes with a 3-year limited parts warranty.

#8. GE Under Cabinet Range Hood:

If you’re seeking for an under cabinet range hood with enough power to remove cooking grease, smoke, vapor and odor from coming from rice cooker or your kitchen stoves that bring it clean and fresh air in your kitchen. So, the best choice is the GE high performance airflow ducted of range hood due to it has two engines that produce a huge about 200 CFM of airflow. Despite having this whopping air circulation power, this one is virtually silent.

This range hood has two fan speeds with push-button controls that made operation convenience and easily. The slanted cover of this unit allows for better airflow over the entire range hood. Additionally, with the Brazil-inspired design of the advantage convertible 24-inch range hood. Made with high quality black steel baffle filter and a removable grease filter, this range hood offers quiet yet powerful air renewal.

Also, the GE brand under cabinet range hood comes with low speed 6.5-sones and 2-watt LED lights power energy saving that have been two times brighter and provide clearer light to your cooking area.

It has stainless-steel, white and unique slanted design give it a modern look, beautifully crafted and elegant. Furthermore, it’s weighs 17 pounds and measures 5.5-inch high under cabinet style. This is the best product of GE brand under cabinet range hood.

Although the cost is expensive, let us consider the capacity, power, performance, durability, convenience and ease of use for matching any of your demands.

More reasons why it is a good buy:

  • It comes with high-quality stainless-steel baffle filters;
  • It has a dual motor capable of powering up to 200 CFM;
  • It’s designed with 2 watts high-intensity energy efficient LED lights for improved illumination;
  • It has a 2-speed fan push button control;
  • The slanted cover is designed to offer noiseless airflow;
  • Easy maintenance and dishwasher friendly;
  • Gets a 5-year product warranty.

#9. COSMO UC30 Ducted Under Cabinet Range Hood With Slim Kitchen Stove Vent:

The Cosmo under cabinet range hood has beautifully crafted, elegant and professional come together unique design. With the electronic push touch control help to powerful and quietly operates with the 3-speed fan. The highest speed a maximum of 45dB that give it is one of the quietest under cabinet range hoods in the market. This rang hood provides 380 CFM while maximum fan speed can make 56dB/3.6sones that assuring you of a quiet operation and a fastest airflow.

It comes with oil tray and stainless-steel baffle filters that it’s easy for you to clean and remove smoke, vapor, cooking grease and steam from out your kitchen. Due to they’re made of stainless steel and sheet metal to ensure you of durability even if exposed to steam.

It has an upscale brushed stainless steel that stylishly modern combines with kitchen appliances for a modern premium look. Besides, this under cabinet range hood is an elegant designed both energy saving and utilizing high lumen LED light for savings cost.

Cosmo’s 5MU series under cabinet range hood is perfect with any spaces in your kitchen. The Cosmo was designed of slim profile will save you any space, so it’s great in the apartment or small house.

More reasons why it is a good buy:

  • It comes with the set of mesh filters which easy for cleaning;
  • Dishwasher friendly 20-gauge stainless-steel baffle filter and 430-grade of unparalleled quality;
  • Built with a compact and slim design with 5 push button controls;
  • Comes with reusable and durable mesh filters;
  • It has a power with 3-speed fan settings and 380 CFM airflow help to quietly and powerfully operates;
  • It comes with 2watt LED lightning for saving energy.
  • Comes with a manufacturer warranty of 5 years.

#10. BROAN-NUTONE 30” with Lights Exhaust Fan for Under Cabinet Range Hood:

If you are seeking non ducted range hood that setting under your kitchen cabinets, the Broan 413004 range hood is non-ducted and absorbs fume or cooking smell by charcoal filter like a true champion. It has a range hood of dimensions, colors and charcoal filter can remove grease, smoke or airborne pollutants for cleaner indoor ventilation.

This range hood has measure 30 inches with designs for ADA-compliant application and a rocker type fan that moves air through to easily. It also comes with stainless-steel construction is exceptionally durable, strong, corrosion-free and highly rustproof. So, the Broan under cabinet range hood belongs to a series of ductless is the best in performance,  design quality and meet the highest environmental standards in the range hood market.

It comes with a warm LED light that distributes warm light everywhere in your kitchen. Also, the fan is powerful and high performing that suck the steam, fume, and odors from cookstoves or rice cooker for clean to re-circulation of in the kitchen exhaust. It’s every to operate with the simple design and a lamp about 75-watt lighting that can be distributed light evenly over the cook-top kitchen.

It combines with a two speed type fan creates a strong airflow of 760 CFM bring to low noise level of 65dB for your range hood while cooking. In additionally, the effective non-ducted filtration system under cabinet range hood operates on a 120 volt motor with push button control switches to help fan speed adjustment and light activation as well more.

The under cabinet range hood of Broan brand is very popular and well known in the market of fresh air system that their quality combined with modern technologies and quality features. Finally, it comes with an afford


Broan-NuTone 413004

More reasons why it is a good buy:

  • Made in the United States and operated fine in ADA compliant applications;
  • It has modern designed in stainless steel;
  • Non-Ducted air filtration system with charcoal filter;
  • Comes with a Microtek system offers effective vapor and smoke and filtration;
  • Lighting facility accepts almost up to a 75-watt bulb for cook-top lighting;
  • The range hood produces 760 CFM and 6.5 Sones of sound;
  • It should be installed at least 18″ elevation from the cook-top;
  • Comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1 years.

Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods


A range hood is a structure that setting up under-cabinet and sits right above your kitchen. It will remove food odors, smoke, and vapor from your kitchen space to outside.

A range hood is responsible for making the air always clean of your kitchen. Today, there are many modern designs of range hood have fans or some kind of filtration system an enclosed for your kitchen for an exciting and serene features whenever cooking.

Range hoods offer a protection your house and kitchen from harmful fumes, vapor, food odors and gasses. Just one press of a button or touch screen on the models, your range hood will be clean and remove any sort of bacterial lurking around in the air inside your kitchen while cooking.

Some a range hood come with some additional features as a small flash bulb. It’s always an essential something help to you keeping an eye on your food which aids in safety cooking.

It’s a property value important to consider if you’re going to a range hood worthwhile investment in the near future.

In the end, let think  about the value and the overall comfort it offers when it comes to cooking. Even if your budget a bit more than usual, this investment is a beneficial one for your house.


1. What kind of the range hood should I buy?

Depends on the various factors and ideal for your kitchen. You should be choice its performance, its features, design, noise level or how to use it and style of range hood, etc…

2. Ducted or ductless, which is better?

Depends on your kitchen setup that use ducted or ductless, because of most ducted range hood systems will more operation effectively at ventilating than non-ducted. Ducted range hood which needs a lot of capacity to remove the airborne pollutants from the kitchen.

3. How do I clean my range hood?

Most range hood comes with a stainless-steel construction, high-quality baffle filters. So, you need only clean to surface of them by some soap, warm water, detergent, a washcloth or dishwasher friendly and efficiently. Besides, you can polishing the surface of range hood with some lubricant or oil for a sparkly touch.

4. How often should I clean the filters?

Almost baffle filters are included charcoal and aluminum baffle filters that they’re can remove cooking grease, odor, smoke, fume, cooking steam and other byproducts of cooking from out your kitchen. So, You should clean them once a month or more regularly frequently for users.

5. Which place in the kitchen should I set up the range hood?

The first, you need to locate where installing the range hood system for your kitchen space. You can install it on the wall mount, under the cabinet or in the middle of the kitchen space depending on the kitchen installed. The common product dimensions for installing a hood will depend on your kitchen space, but the size is usually chosen to be suitable for gas stoves from 24” to 30” and electric cookers from 20” to 24”.


There are many of range hood models to choose. So, they’re the designs tend to change that make it more attractive for the buyer. It comes with unique design, power efficiency, easy to install, size, and budget friendly among other things. The suitable range hood can help you from keeping your kitchen eliminate smoke, food odors, prevent excess carbon di-oxide, improve ventilation and cool off your kitchen. It’s also you don’t need to open all the windows every time cooking.

Besides, in this top 10 best under cabinet range hoods reviews. We’d like to give you some suggestions searching the best range hoods under cabinet with the important features as such as more performance rather than the modern design. They’re a highly appreciated investment for who want to use often cooking in the kitchen.

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