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If you have a range-oven and stove-top in your kitchen, then one of the most crucial elements to install with it is a hood. Without a way to vent the heat and smoke that comes from your cooking, you can create an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous environment for yourself and your family. One of the biggest complaints about best range hoods, however, is that they are too loud. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the top models that are as quiet as they are useful. Because each kitchen is unique, it’s also imperative that you understand your particular needs. We’ll outline the different features and options you should pay attention to the most so that you can be sure that your range hood works for your kitchen. Let’s see what these models have to offer.

How to Choose a Quietest Range Hood

Top 5 Best Quiet Range Hoods On The Market – In Depth Reviews


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Broan E66142SS Elite Ultra Quiet Range Hood

21.5 x 42 x 5.13 inches

COSMO 30″ Island Range Hood Ducted Kitchen Vent Hood Extractor

30 x 37.4 x 3.2 inches

FOTILE JQG7501.G 30" Range Hood

FOTILE JQG7501.G 30″ Unique Side-Draft Design Range Hood

29.8 x 18.3 x 17.4 inches


KOBE CHX9130SQB-1 Brillia 30-inch Range Hood

22 x 29.8 x 9 inches

Cosmo 30 ​Inch Stove Vent With Led Light Under Cabinet Range Hood

Top Pick

Cosmo 30 ​Inch Stove Vent With Led Light Under Cabinet Range Hood

19.8 x 29.8 x 5.5 inches

#1. Broan E66142SS Elite Ultra Quiet Range Hood

Because we’re talking about the best quiet range hoods, we want to start off with one of the most silent models you can find. Not only is it quieter than most range hoods, but it’s also an under-cabinet unit, meaning that it won’t take over your kitchen space as well. This is a high-powered hood that comes with internal centrifugal fans. There are three speed settings for your convenience, and you can get up to 600 CFM. Best of all, even at full power, you won’t be getting a lot of noise from this machine."Broan

The Elite Hood is also high-tech. It has an integrated heat sensor inside that activates automatically. Not only will this keep your hands free for cooking, but it offers additional safety for when you have to step out of the room. Cleaning this range hood is also a breeze. It has aluminum filters that come off easily, and they are dishwasher safe so you can scrub them down with impunity. Overall, this hood is relatively low maintenance, and it has a sleek, minimalist design. It’s the perfect accent for any kitchen.

  • Slim profile – under cabinet model
  • High-powered hood – 600 CFM
  • Dual halogen bulbs for visibility
  • Three-speed fan with five-minute delay feature
  • Ultra quiet design (0.3 Sones)
  • Automatic heat detection and activation
  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel filter
  • Easy release latches for cleaning
  • Multiple color options
  • Halogen lights are not interchangeable with LED
  • In rare cases, the control buttons may come loose.

#2. COSMO 30″ Island Range Hood Ducted Kitchen Vent Hood Extractor

For the most part, island​ mounted range hoods can dominate your kitchen. Having a massive stainless steel installation along the wall can draw the eye, which is why you want to have a unit that at least looks good. In this case, the COSMO Range Hood is both sleek and modern, so you can feel better about having it in your kitchen. We like this hood because it’s as stylish as it is practical. It has a decidedly European vibe to it, with a class domed cover and a high-tech control panel in front. It even comes with a remote so that you can activate it whenever and wherever you like.

COSMO 30" Island Range Hood Ducted Kitchen Vent Hood Extractor

The power of this model is sufficient for most users – it has a max CFM rating of 380. There are also four fan speeds, meaning that you can control the airflow much more precisely. Best of all, it operates at less than 45 decibels, so you don’t have to wear earplugs while it’s working. The digital panel is sleek and modern, and it offers both a clock and a timer setting. You can adjust the fan levels, as well as activate the two LED lights built-in. It has a soothing blue glow to it, making it a perfect accent for any kitchen.

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Wall-mount hood model
  • Remote control included for convenience
  • Max CFM rating of 380
  • Operates at less than 45 dB
  • Adjustable height fits almost any kitchen
  • Clock/timer built in
  • Two LED lights for better visibility
  • In rare cases, the unit may shut off unexpectedly
  • Control panel is not as durable as other components.

#3. FOTILE JQG7501.G 30″ Unique Side-Draft Design Range Hood

When picking out a range hood for your kitchen, it’s imperative that you find the right model to fit your needs. In this case, the FOTILE unique side-draft ​range ​hood is built for island or wall mount units. Since you still need proper ventilation, this kind of model is essential for kitchen safety. Like the FOTILE above, this range hood is all about style and performance. It has a glass dome that makes it look sleek and ultra modern. It also uses a high-tech control panel that allows you to adjust the fan levels, LED lights, and timer settings. It’s an elegant touch-screen control panel with a delay function that lets the hood work for 2 minutes after you are done cooking to ensure all the smoke and odors are removed from your kitchen, so you can feel like you’re living in the kitchen of the future.FOTILE JQG7501.G 30" Range Hood

One excellent feature of this hood is the telescopic chimney. Because each kitchen is different, you have to be sure that it will fit without any problems. You can adjust this hood to meet your needs, making it both practical and ergonomic. Cleaning this hood is a snap, thanks to the removable aluminum filters. They are dishwasher safe, and they install easily, so you can keep grease and other dirt from getting too thick over time. Overall, this is a fantastic range hood and an essential component of any kitchen with a cooking island. It even comes with a three-year limited warranty.

  • 400 CFM max airflow
  • Sleek glass dome design
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Three fan speeds
  • Four LED lights built-in
  • Ultra-modern control panel
  • Operates at less than 58 dB
  • All parts included for installation
  • Clock/timer function
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Digital lighting can’t be turned off
  • LED lights are not as bright as other models.

#4. KOBE CHX3830SQB-2 Brillia Under Cabinet Range Hood

Next, we have another compact under-cabinet range hood that is both powerful and reliable. While it’s not quite as stylish as other hoods we’ve seen, it has a robust utilitarian design that looks straight out of a sci-fi magazine of old. When compared to the other hoods on this list the Kobe is a bit stronger, with a max CFM rating of 650. This is actually the most airflow you can get from any of these hoods, making it a viable option for most households. There are also three fan speeds for your convenience, with one of them being the Quiet Mode, which is almost like a whisper.KOBE CHX9130SQB-1 Brillia 30-inch Under Cabinet Range HoodThat being said, the other two modes are not designed to be as quiet, so do keep that in mind when ordering this range hood. Other features included in this model include two extra-bright LED bulbs and two dishwasher-safe baffle filters. The filters are designed to be as easy to clean as possible, which makes ownership and maintenance much more manageable. Overall, this is an excellent hood if you value performance over add-ons (like a digital control panel).

  • Commercial-grade stainless steel construction
  • Slim under-cabinet design
  • Max CFM of 650
  • Three fan speeds with push button
  • QuietMode included for silent operation
  • Two LED lights built-in
  • Two sizes available for your convenience
  • Dishwasher-safe baffle filters
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Louder than other models
  • Installation can be tricky.

#5. Cosmo 30 ​Inch Stove Vent With Led Light Under Cabinet Range Hood

Our final range hood is something of a convertible unit. It’s an under​ cabinet style model, but it can either be connected to a duct or operate independently, depending on your setup. While we would advocate for a ducted version if possible, it’s nice to know that you have options if necessary. If you do decide to go ductless, then you will use charcoal air filters to remove grease and other particles from the air while cooking. Unfortunately, this does not dissipate the heat emitted, so you will have to keep that in mind when deciding whether a duct is the better option.

Cosmo 5MU30 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood with Ducted Ductless Convertible Duct

The other thing to understand about this model is that it’s not as powerful as other hoods we’ve seen. The max CFM rating is only 200, so you won’t get as much airflow as you would with other units, ductless or not. That being said, it does operate at under 56 decibels, so it’s still ultra quiet. Other features of this range hood include dual LEDs and washable aluminum mesh filters for easier maintenance and cleaning.

  • Two sizes available
  • Slim under-cabinet design
  • Can be ductless with adapter
  • Max 200 CFM
  • Three fan speed settings
  • Operates at under 56 dB
  • Durable brushed stainless steel
  • Two LEDs built in for illumination
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Not as powerful as other models
  • No digital control panel.

General Advice: How to Choose a Quietest Range Hood

Best Quiet Range Hoods Reviews 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

1. Installation Type

For most people, the cost of a new hood is one of the most significant factors on their list. However, what you have to also include is the price of installation. With that in mind, you want to find the right hood that can fit into your kitchen without doing too much damage to your pocketbook. Here are the most common types available.

2. Wall Mount Range Hood

Typically speaking, the best way to keep your hood working smoothly is to mount the vent to the wall. However, to get this kind of installation in place, you have to have nothing above the stove top already (such as cabinets). Another thing to consider with a wall mount hood is if there are going to be cabinets on either side of it. If there aren’t, then you should get a size bigger because you won’t have anything to funnel smoke into the vent. Thus, a larger hood will extract everything more efficiently.

3. Island Range Hood

If your range is sitting by itself in the middle of your kitchen, then you have to get a hood to match. Since these can’t be mounted on a wall, they require specialized brackets to hold all of the parts in place. As with a wall-mounted model, you will want to get a size that’s larger than your stove top because you want to make sure that all of the heat and smoke will get sucked into the vent, rather than billowing out into your kitchen.

4. Under Cabinet Range Hood

Many households have cabinets above the stove, which can make installing a new hood more of a challenge. Fortunately, under-cabinet designs are built to be easier to install because they aren’t as big or bulky. Typically, the ducting will go into the cabinet itself so that you can still get all of the same benefits. Yes, you will be removing some storage space, but it’s better than removing the cabinet altogether, and your kitchen can maintain its aesthetic without having a stainless steel duct commanding your attention.

5. Range Hood Insert

For the most part, range hoods don’t have a lot of variety of styles or shapes from which to choose. However, insert hoods are a little more customization, which is great if you value the appearance of your kitchen most. Insert hoods take up less space, and they are easier to install, but they still require ductwork to operate, so you have to be sure that you can get all of the extra pieces into the space before you pick a model.

6. Downdraft or Ductless Hoods

Overall, if your home doesn’t have a duct already built-in, then the cost of installation is going to be high because you have to hire a professional to get it all set up and working. For this reason, some people may look at the price of a ductless or downdraft hood and think that they are a better option.

7. They’re not.

Downdraft hoods install behind the stove and pull air downward. If you have tall ceilings or expensive cabinetry, this can cost a lot less to put in. However, it’s nowhere near as effective as a hood that sits above your stove. Since hot air rises, only a fraction of it will be removed this way. Ductless hoods don’t connect to the outside, so all of the heat and smoke will stay in your kitchen. These units instead use filters to try and clean the air, but you are still going to be sweating from all the heat. In the end, we only recommend these if no other option seems viable.

8. Size

When looking at different sized for your quiet range-hood, there are a few things to keep in mind. We highly recommend that you get a hood that matches the size of your stove top at least. If anything you can go bigger (as long as you have the room). There are cabinets on either side of the hood, it’s not 100% necessary to have it match your stove. The reason for this is that the cabinets will help funnel smoke and heat into the ducts. Open space as we’ve mentioned already, if nothing is surrounding your stove, you should get a hood that’s a little bigger so that smoke or heat won’t escape.

9. Power (CFM)

Manufacturers like to highlight the CFM rating for their hoods, but it only tells part of the story. By the way, CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, and it refers to how much air can move through the system. Overall, placement of the hood (how high it is above the stove) and the quality of your filters will make a difference regarding how much steam, smoke, and heat you experience, but a hood with a higher CFM is going to be better overall.

10. Extra Features

Quiet range hoods can vary from having a bunch of add-ons to being nothing more than a fan with a switch. Here are some extras that can make your hood much more practical and enjoyable. Lights: Most hoods will have lights, but pay attention to the type (i.e., LED) and how many there are. Also, see how easy it is to change them since they will burn out eventually. Finally, it can be nice to have options, such as turning just the back lights on. Sensors: high-end range hoods will allow either allow you to set an activation temperature (i.e., 200 degrees), or they will turn on by themselves when heat is detected. Sensors make the hood much safer and more efficient overall. Clock: being able to tell time while cooking is great. See if your hood also has a timer built-in for your convenience. Automatic Shutoff: if you forget to turn the hood off, these units will shut down automatically after a while. Usually, they will also come with sensors so that you get both advantages.

Best Quiet Range Hoods Reviews 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Quietest Range Hood Buying Guide

What’s the difference between ducted and ductless hoods?

When you install a ducted hood, that means that the machinery is pulling all of the air outside so that it doesn’t stay in your kitchen. Heat, smoke, and steam are all removed to make the area safer and more comfortable. Ductless hoods don’t go anywhere. Instead, they use filters to trap pollutants and dirt from the smoke so that it’s not as dangerous. However, because everything stays in the kitchen, they are much less effective than ducted models.

Which is the best model type overall?

Although it can vary greatly depending on the layout of your kitchen, we believe that wall-mounted hoods are the best. The reason we like them better than the others is that you can get a more powerful system. Since the unit is mounted into the studs (rather than hanging over an island), weight doesn’t matter as much, allowing you to get something more powerful and efficient. Also, the size of the duct can be more prominent (compared to under-cabinet hoods), so more air flows through.

Do ductless hoods work as well as ducted units?

No. There is never going to be a time when a ductless range hood will be as effective as one that pulls air to the outside. Even if you use highly efficient filters, you still have to deal with the heat and steam blowing back into your face.

How big should my range hood be?

As a general rule, the hood should match the dimensions of your stove top. However, as we mentioned above, you can go a little smaller as long as you have cabinets on either side to funnel the air into the duct. If you can manage it, however, we suggest getting a hood that’s a little bigger than your stove so that it can be more efficient overall.

How can I know if the hood is too noisy?

When shopping online, it can be impossible to tell how loud your hood is going to be until you get it up and running. However, we suggest looking at customer reviews, as well as checking how many decibels it emits. In some cases, the noise level may be listed in sones, which is about the sound of a refrigerator running. Quiet range hoods should be in the 40-60 decibel range (1-3 sones). For comparison, human speech is about 60 decibels.

How often should I clean my hood filter?

As a rule, it’s ideal to clean your filter about once a year. However, you should check on it every few months or so to see how dirty and greasy it is. Range hoods will either have a metal or a charcoal filter. If it’s metal, then you can clean it by hand and replace it once it’s dry. If it’s charcoal, you will have to buy a new one. Overall, charcoal filters are much better about trapping pollutants in the air, but as long as your hood is operating efficiently, that won’t make much of a difference.

Can I install a range hood myself?

We wouldn’t recommend it. Even if you are installing a ductless model, it’s imperative that you mount it correctly to the wall or the cabinets. If you are going to be putting holes in the wall, it’s best to consult a professional because there are pipes and wires back there that could be dangerous.

Can I use an Over-the-Range microwave instead of a hood?

OTR microwaves are designed to vent air from your stove-top when they get too hot. Although they work a little better than ductless range hoods, they are nowhere near as effective or efficient. Unless there is a specific reason you have to use an OTR microwave, a hood will always be the better choice.

Final Verdict

Because the range hoods we looked at are built for different kitchens, it’s difficult to say that one is better than the other. However, we really like the Broan and the Firebird models, so if you are in need of an under​ cabinet or island​ mounted hood, then these are going to be your best bet. We like the power and performance of these units, as well as the reliability. Some range hoods are built for casual use, but these are made for heavy-duty cooks who like style as much as substance. No matter what you’re cooking, these hoods will have you covered.

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