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best Kitchen Faucet review

Hey and welcome to our site. If you’re looking to buy the best kitchen faucet but aren’t quite sure where to start then you’re in the right place. There are so many different models on the market today and it can get overwhelming.

Relax, we’re here to help you pick the best product for your needs. It’s important these days to read kitchen faucet reviews, because some are simply not worth the money.

Keep reading as we give you a brief rundown of the different types of faucets, as well as our top picks that give the most bang for the buck.

Top ​​10 Kitchen Sink Faucets On The Market

We have narrowed down all the faucets on the market into this top ​10 list here. We have rated them based on price, quality, warranty, ease of installation and features.

​Single​ Handle​ ShieldSpray​ Technology​ Stainless​ 9178-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet


The Delta 9178-AR-DST kitchen faucet is one of the highest rated products across the internet. It has a ton of awesome features. One of them is the fact that it comes in 4 different styles that all look amazing.

Simple installation makes it an attractive choice for people that aren’t very handy and the parts are all high quality and built to last. It offers the choice between spray and stream so you can opt to save water or blast off tough food stains with the powerful 59 inch spray hose.

A magnet in the spray head keeps it secure and stops it from flying off when you are using the stream feature. To top it off Delta is reported to have good customer service and they offer a limited lifetime warranty with this model.

​Moen​ One​ Handle​ Featuring​ Stainless​ 7594SRS Kitchen Faucet


The Moen 7594SRS is a product that is praised as the future of kitchen faucets.  The reason for this is it has a motion sensor to enable hands free operation.  That problem of not wanting touch the handle with dirty hands is solved!  All you have to do is wave your hand in front of the sensor and it will turn on and off when you want it to.

This isn’t the only good feature of this faucet.  It also comes in 5 different styles that look good and are easy to install.  Dirty dishes are no match for the powerful 2 gallon per minute water flow that is slightly higher than the average 1.8 gpm.

The spray head is balanced with a reflex system that stops it from dropping suddenly when pulled out.  The hose is 68 inches which should be enough length to suit almost everybody’s needs

​Kohler​ K-560​-CP Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet


A budget option that still has quality parts is the Kohler K-560-VS Bellera.  They have cut out a lot of the fancier features that are common with other faucets and made an option that provides all the necessary features.

There is the option of doing 1, 2, 3, or 4 hole installation that enables some possible customization if you are handy.  A cool feature is the smart temperature memory.  This is where the product can remember the last temperature that was set.  This means that when you find your ideal temperature you can keep it for next time!  No more wasted time adjusting the temperature constantly.

Touch control is another bonus that enables easy switching from stream to spray with a light touch.  There are three different finishes available with this faucet that should suit the taste of most people.

​Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Motionsense Two-Sensor Touchless One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet


Moen 7594ESRS is one of the more expensive items on the list is this high-tech system from Moen. ​This faucet ornate and resistant to fingerprints and water spots with dimensions are ​7.9 x 10.2 x 15.5 inches​. ​​It’s used 6 AA batteries that have a life of 22.25 hours. The most remarkable feature of this model is the MotionSense hands-free operation that lets you use a simple hand gesture to activate the flow of water. The 7594ESRS faucet has two sensing zones so there are multiple ways to activate a stream of water. Waving your hand across the top of the faucet triggers it and also stops the flow of water when you’re done. The sensor near the base of the faucet triggers when an object like a cup is placed near it, and automatically shuts off when that object is no longer in view.

Motion sense technology may be a bit of a pain for childrens in the household but in my opinion, this is a must have kitchen faucet for any type of kitchen

Delta Faucet Essa Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet 9113-AR-DST

Delta Black Faucet Essa Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet 9113T-AR-DST is a blend of both transitional and modern styles; it is influenced by a euro design with subtle accent details. It is made of bronze and has an Arctic stainless finish with dimensions 1.2 x 11 x 15.2 inches, used 6 AA batteries, and Touch-Clean spray holes. It has a TempSense color indicator that indicates the water temperature, an optional A/C Adapter, 1- or 3-hole 8-inch installation.​This Essa single-handle pull-down kitchen faucet used Delta Touch2O technology for a precise and timely response every time you touch it. Exclusive Delta DIAMOND Seal technology helps faucets last up to five million uses by using a tough, diamond-coated valve to eliminate leaks.The handle adjusts temperature and flow rate are designed over the deck as opposed to under the sink.There has a spray wand with MagnaTite docking that keeps faucet in good shape and ensures the spray wand stays docked when not in use.

​It also comes with Delta’s 5-year limited warranty.

​​Delta Faucet Kate Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet Stainless 16970-SSSD-DST

Delta Faucet Kate Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet Stainless 16970-SSSD-DST

16970-SSSD-DST Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is made by brass materials which are resistant to wear and made to last for years with little to no maintenance. It’s designed to fit 2 or 3-hole, 6-16-in configurations. Everything you need is together in one box, including a coordinating soap dispenser and InnoFlex PEX supply lines that are integrated into the faucet for one less leak point.This faucet used Diamond Seal technology – uses a valve with a tough diamond coating to bring you a faucet built to last up to 5 million uses plus it keeps water inside the faucet out of contact with potential metal contaminants. Using infamous MagnaTite docking system are some of the best features of this product.​ ​Addmore, with Touch-Clean spray holes allow you to quickly and easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with a touch of a finger, so no need to soak or use chemical cleaners.Delta didn’t manufacture the soap dispenser as a cheap add-on but took the extra effort to match the finish to the water faucet. With an included soap dispenser, it is hard not to love this particular model and all of its great features. Combo faucets are always a good deal, especially from a company like Delta.

​WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull out Kitchen Faucet

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull out Kitchen Faucet

The WEWE faucet comes in a sleek design acquires less space on your deck and one that will match with your sink.

Moen 5923EWSRS Align Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen 5923EWSRS Align Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

​5923EWSRS Faucet model is the most expensive touchless kitchen faucet on the list of Moen, but for good reason. ​It comes in two colors : chrome and spot-resistant stainless but both have quite a similar look.

​​This kitchen ​faucet used Power Clean spray technology provides 50 percent more spray power versus most of other pulldown and pullout faucets. With such a powerful spray, there is no task that it can’t handle and it is particularly useful in areas where the water pressure makes it difficult to properly clean dishes.

Plus, It uses a restaurant-style pull-down design with a flexible hose to pull and retract with ease. With MotionSense Wave features single sensor touchless activation, allowing you to easily turn water on and off with the wave of a hand.​ ​With a limited lifetime warranty, ​Moen 5923EWSRS fits the bill perfectly.

Moen ​7594ORB Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Oil Rubbed Bronze

Moen 7594ORB Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

This luxurious oil-rubbed bronze faucet has a high arc spout with dimensions are 3.5 x 12.2 x 8 inches allowing  for easy access even for the biggest pots. At the middle of the price range and limited lifetime warranty, this lovely faucet will be the pride of many kitchens.

The side-mounted single lever allows for easy control of water flow and temperature. The pull-down spray head is fitted with the Reflex system for smooth operation and secure head docking. The spray head is equipped with a pause function to briefly interrupt the water flow when moving the spray head from one vessel to another.

Moen ​7594ORB used Moen’s exclusive Power Boost technology offers a faster clean and faster fill with the push of a button.

Delta Chrome 9159T-DST Faucet Trinsic Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Trinsic Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

The Delta 9159T-AR-DST Faucet Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is one of Delta’s most popular kitchen faucets with  contemporary look and premium construction quality. ​They comes in a variety of color from arctic steel to chrome, bronze and even champagne bronze kitchen faucet for more deluxe looks. The standard 9.5 x 4.4 x 9.5 inches’ dimension makes it fit into every kitchen environment.

​This faucet used Touchless Touch2O® Technology enables you to start and stop the flow of the water by touching anywhere on the spout or handle. So, when you are busy doing other chores in the kitchen, the touch feature will help us open the faucet easily.

One of the most remarkable faucet features of it is Integrated TempSense™ LED light. The indicator’s color changes from blue to magenta to red as the temperature rises and also indicates the batteries power level. The battery is perfect for long usage with 6 AA batteries.

Types of Kitchen Sink Faucets

Lets start off by giving a quick rundown of the different types that you will encounter and which one will be best for your needs.

Pull Down

This type is the most common to see in someones sink. Millions of home across the USA use these faucets daily. They usually come with a pull down hose that can be withdrawn away from the faucet to clean those hard to reach dishes. They are ideal for most households and homes with their easy use.


These high tech kitchen faucets bring the power of technology into a typically boring kitchen fixture. They use motion sensors to detect movement and start running. On some models a quick touch is all it takes to start. These are good for anyone that likes a bit of luxury in the kitchen. They function the same as most other types with the addition of the touchless motion sensor.


These are pretty close to the pull down type in that they commonly have a spout that can be pulled out. They typically have longer hoses than the pulldown type which makes them great for double sinks as they can reach both sides easily. These will be adequate for most households that want something basic.


Just like the name would suggest these are built with toughness in mind. They are industrial and made to withstand rough conditions. They are commonly used in restaurants but can are becoming more popular in average household kitchens across the country.

Two Handle

These are the old school types that are common in a lot of homes. They are generally cheaper but this is only in the short term. The reason for this is that the construction is inferior to other types of faucets. The valves typically used in these are made of rubber and wear out after a while. When this happens they will develop a drip. In the long term it’s worth it in our opinion to invest in a higher quality kitchen faucet.

Things To Consider When Buying a Kitchen Faucet

When you are in the market for a faucet there’s a few things to consider. We’ll go over some of the most common questions people have and what to look for.


There’s a few different styles out there to choose from. A lot of them will simply come down to personal preference but one thing to look at is the spout height. If there is a taller spout then it will be narrower and take up less room. Also they are easy to clean pots and pans with as they have the clearance and can go over them with ease.

In our opinion having a hose connected to your kitchen faucet is a must nowadays. The spray head makes it so much easier to reach those things that wont fit in your sink. You can also use the hose to fill up stuff like watering cans and containers.

Swivel ability is another feature that is a lifesaver. You can move the spout out of the way when needed to save some space. This is useful for dual bowl sinks.


There are many different finishes available on the market. You will find that the most popular one is polished brass but stainless steel is up there as well. The brass look is classy and high quality as well. Personally though we like stainless steel the most, but if you want something flashy then chrome will be right up your alley.

Valve Type

The valve is not the most exciting thing to research, but it’s a must because some are better than others. To cut to the chase the valve that you want to have on your kitchen faucet is the ceramic disk kind. The reason for this is that it is made of ceramic parts that will last much longer than the typical compression type that is common on the older 2 handle faucets. The cheaper compression valves use a rubber seal that wears out eventually and you get that annoying drip, drip, drip that will drive you crazy. It will also jack up your water bill. A single drip per second adds up to 3000 gallons of water per year! We say it’s worth it to invest in quality and save on your water bill, as well as replacement costs.

Water Flow Rate

The water flow rate is usually measured in gpm (gallons per minute). The default is usually around 1.8 gpm but some are a bit more powerful. Water flow is restricted by a restrictor called an aerator. They help airflow and also stop the water flowing too fast and splashing off the sink basin onto you. The 1.8 gpm models should be enough for most peoples needs.


We hope that you enjoyed out kitchen faucet reviews. You should have all the knowledge you need in order to buy the right product. Remember to make sure that you follow the installation instructions carefully and get a quality kitchen faucet that’s built to last.

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