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The range hood filter in your kitchen serves a critical purpose of filtering the oil fumes and grease from your stove area. The fumes are a hazard and may cause a fire risk. The article will discuss 3 ways to clean a range hood like a professional.

It is important to understand the different fabric materials used in the filters. The three common ones include charcoal, fabric, and metal. For the charcoal filters, they require regular replacement, at least every four months since they cannot be clean.

Other issues include the different ingredients needed for the cleaning process and the tips for effective cleaning. After all, nothing is appealing about a greasy mess stuck on your range hood. Read on for more information!


4 Ways to Clean A Range HoodThe Different Cleaning Solutions: 4 Ways to Clean A Range Hood

You can use different cleaning solutions to clean the range hood filter. The solutions work best on fabric and metal filters. The process is almost the same with a few differences. For instance, you cannot scrub fabric filters because they will tear. Some of the cleaning solution options include:

4 Ways to Clean A Range Hood

  1. Hot soapy water and ammonia: It works best if one has been regularly cleaning their filters every month. Soak the filter in the water and give it a gentle scrub.
  2. Using a degreaser: Submerge your filter in the grease filter and add some water. Soak the filter for half an hour, clean and rinse.
  3. Dishwasher detergent: You will need water and dishwasher detergent for this solution.
  4. Vinegar and baking soda: You can combine two teaspoons of baking soda and 3 teaspoons vinegar. Add some hot water to the mixture for efficient cleaning.

How to Clean Different Types of Range Hoods

It is important to understand there are different types of range hoods. Each range hood has different cleaning techniques.

  • Cleaning The Fabric Filter Range Hood

Most of the fabric filters are held in place by latches and screws. If it has a latch, open the latches and remove the filter. If it has screws, you will need to unscrew all the four screws and keep them somewhere safe. Yiu can the pull out the filter.

Choose your preferred cleaning solution. Ensure you are using a wide cleaning surface such as heatproof container or sink that easily fits the edges of the filter.

Let your dirty filter sit in the warm, soapy water for about ten minutes to half an hour. It gives it enough time to melt all the grease and loosen other stubborn stains.

Using a non-abrasive scrub or dishcloth, gently clean the filter. Pay special attention to the edges and corners. Give it a gentle yet thorough wash before rinsing it.

Use some clean water to rinse the filter and remove any soap and stains. Warm and clear water will work fine. Let it dry completely before replacing it.

Never scrub the fabric filter since it will tear. Always replace the old and worn out fabric instead of cleaning it.

  • Metallic Filter Cleaning Elaborated

The first step is removing the filter. Follow the steps above for easy removal.

Soak your filter in warm and soapy water. Use a medium or large-sized surface such as the sink so that it fits perfectly. Also, do not use a non-stick pot or it will scratch.

Use a gentle scrub to remove any remaining grease or stubborn stain. You can use a wire brush to remove the grime and grit from the corners and edges.

The last step is rinsing off the soap with warm water. Return the filter to the range hood.

How to Clean a Greasy Range Hood and Filter

As grease and smoke are kicked up from a pot, pan, some residue is sure to make its way onto the edges and outer surfaces of your range hood. You will only need a few ingredients:

  • Mild detergent (or anti-grease dish soap);
  • Hot water;
  • Thick paper towels or a soft cloth

Now we will mix a small amount of detergent in a bowl of hot water, soak your cloth, and gently scrub at the grease on your range hood.

Note that you don’t need or want powerful grease destroyers – anything too powerful could damage the finish on your range hood.

After you’ve scrubbed away the grease, wipe your range hood down with clean water and dry. Try to avoid air drying, as this can cause oxidation.

With the exterior clean, it’s time to turn to the stainless steel underside of the hood, not the range hood filter itself but the area around it can accumulate much more grime.

For this reason, you may want to use a scrubbing brush. Concoct a similar mixture as before, a mild detergent with warm water. Adding some baking soda can increase the power of the solution. Apply it to the buildup, wait half an hour to an hour, and then wipe it clean.

Alternatively, you can use a store-bought product like OxiClean or another gentle cleaning spray.


Cleaning your range hood filter is easy and takes a short time. There are 4 ways to clean a range hood effectively without using harsh chemicals or involving a professional cleaner. Additionally, different cleaning options are depending on the filter material. The ingredients used are readily available in our kitchen simplifying the cleaning process further.

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